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Why A Good Installation For Your Carpet And Flooring Is So Important

Published July 7, 2015 | By S. Durrance

A good and proper installation is the most important part of any carpet and flooring purchase. Why is it so important? First of all, you can buy carpet and flooring anywhere, but of all the many places where carpet and flooring is available, you cannot always get a good, professional installation there. There just arenʼt enough “top notch” installers to go around. These installation trades do not require certification, as many other home improvement trades do not either. And maybe they should not. However, this is one of the things that contributes to the finding of installers or the right store and their installers, being a “hit and miss” experience! When you buy carpet and flooring for your home, business, investment property, etc., you want something that lasts from 5 to 25 years or more. The warranty on these products are in this range, BUT, most stores provide you with a 12 month warranty on labor! Consider this, the most important part of your purchase gets only a 12 month labor warranty on average. The product is almost never the complaint, but the labor/installation!

Three obvious things a good carpet installation achieves:

  1. The “walk” or The “step”, which is the feel you get walking on your carpet when it is stretched tight.
  2. Appearance of edges, seams etc.
  3. Minimizes risk of puckers and wrinkling in the future and/or problems in carpet, which make it unsightly and can even cause damage if not addressed in time, thus minimizing the need for re-stretching and repair.

A good sales professional should be there not only to write a sales order, but to think about what you are looking for, based on what you say about your personal style and needs! Too often this is not the case. Often, they havenʼt even done it for very long. And while we all have to start somewhere, finding a person that seems knowledgeable and offers other insight as mentioned here, as well as a certain amount of passion and vigor for their trade, is a must. The ultimate sales professional is one that has full knowledge of installation and sales, i.e. they are also an accomplished installer! Performing this hands on trade provides the ability to make suggestions concerning appearance of seams, as well as other fiber technology. Etc.

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